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COVID-19 Update: We are open!

Our office remains open to serve patients with our current COVID-19 policy. The safety and health of our patients remain our top priority and responsibility. For this reason, we have always followed strict infection control practices which go above and beyond OSHA Infection Control policies and guidelines. 

Our current policy:

  • All patients are screened before arriving to appointments.  Patients who exhibit coughing, breathing issues, fever or any other cold or flu symptoms are asked not to enter our office and advised to follow CDC guidelines.  We ask you be asymptomatic for a minimum of 5 days before returning to our center.

  • We have made special arrangements to accept fewer patients during this time in order to limit patient-to-patient interaction in our reception.

  • We continue to sanitize using hospital-grade disinfectants.  All office and treatment room furnishings including but not limited to door handles, light switches, counters, walls around treatment beds, treatment tables and beds, desks, chairs, stools, and other areas of patient use are wiped down after every treatment.

  • Hand sanitizers are abundantly accessible throughout the center.

  • Our office is equipped with air filters that run 24/7 to capture and kill airborne germs, bacteria, viruses and more.

  • All of our medical supplies are single-use only.

  • All consultations are available in-person or via Telemedicine.


Acupuncture has been shown in research to improve your immune system, supporting both immune strength and function. Patients may continue with their planned treatments safely at this time. We will keep you informed of any developments that might impact the current recommendations.

Welcome to Bethesda Acupuncture & Wellness Medicine

Bethesda Acupuncture & Wellness Medicine bridges ancient wisdom with evidence-based science to provide you with personalized medical and wellness care.

We possess the skills, knowledge, and training to provide effective interventions using acupuncture and a range of integrative treatments. We specialize in personalized clinically-effective care for complex and challenging conditions. In addition to our expertise in challenging medical conditions, we welcome all patients seeking to live their best life through balance, preventative care, and symptom relief.  

Our patient-centered approach understands that behind every medical diagnosis or condition is a person with a complex history. We focus on treating each person as a whole, not just the symptoms and condition.


Our wellness medicine team is here to help and support you.