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A collection of natural raw herbal ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Care Plan: What to Expect

Bethesda Acupuncture & Wellness Medicine will customize a treatment approach to help you achieve your specific goals. An integrative health care plan will be developed with you as part of your comprehensive initial visit.  Prevention of further or future illness will always be part of your care plan. Under this plan, your providers will: 

  • Review your concerns, symptoms, diagnosis, test results, imaging.

  • Recommend tailored therapies that have been shown effective for your specific concerns.

  • Provide lifestyle approaches, if applicable, to better help you reach your wellness goals. Potential influences such as your physical health, mental health, family/home life, work stressors, and even seasonal changes are considered when assessing your current wellness.

  • Offer herbal supplements and dietary medicine advice, if applicable, to optimize your benefits.

You, as the patient, will decide on your health goals and focus. We are here to help you navigate in health and wellness. Your treatment interventions and recommendations will be informed by scientific evidence-based research. Our personalized integrative approach means we support all medical systems and will collaborate with your healthcare providers. You will be referred to other specialists whenever applicable.

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