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Acupuncture Before and After Surgery

Surgery is sometimes unavoidable. Acupuncture may help you both before and after surgery. Acupuncture has been associated with reduced post-surgery medication side effects and helps you heal faster and more completely. Patients often report better range of motion, energy, and sleep while receiving acupuncture.

Reasons to use acupuncture before and after surgery:

  • relieves anxiety and stress during preoperative stage

  • relieves postoperative pain, nausea, vomiting, and reduces other side effects after surgery

  • reduces external and internal scarring and swelling

  • strengthens your immune system

  • increases circulation, range of motion and flexibility

  • regulates digestion and sleep

  • helps you recover faster

  • is safe to use before, during, and after surgery

It would be our pleasure to schedule an evaluation for you to see how we may help you heal well and quickly from your surgery.



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